Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hardcore, Deathcore, and other cores

So today on one of my discussions, i get a reply on one of my topics on a forum talking about metal in general, stating Metalcore and Deathcore bands are not Metal. If this were true, we'd be classifying Dimmu Borgir as a non metal band, because they play Black Metal.
Metalcore IS a subgenre of Metal. So is Deathcore and Grindcore. People, before you pull your arrogant side out, please, look your fucking shit up. Its just incredible how ignorant people are. Fuck Them, and FUCK HARDCORE! Hardcore is fucking gay! Why do you listen to it saying it's awesome and extreme, because it really isnt! Jesus fucking christ

Here is a tribute to the GOOD metalcore. ENJOY GREEDY ASSHOLES

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