Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's always there for you

Metal is one thing that you can always count on. Metal has never lied to me, never betrayed me and has always been there  for me. And I bet its the same with you little greedy faggots. Metal is just overall greater than life itself. No doubt about that. But why do some people Not understand? I was talking to my psychiatrist about 3rd party psychological help agents, and the first thing that popped in my head was Metal , and she looked at me with interrogative eyes and said "How can music help you with depression? Music doesn't affect people's mood. It's the other way around". That made me understand right away that metal is greater than all other music. It has a will of it's own, and metal bands are priests preaching the greatness of this music. 

Here's a little something for you fucking pussies. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hardcore, Deathcore, and other cores

So today on one of my discussions, i get a reply on one of my topics on a forum talking about metal in general, stating Metalcore and Deathcore bands are not Metal. If this were true, we'd be classifying Dimmu Borgir as a non metal band, because they play Black Metal.
Metalcore IS a subgenre of Metal. So is Deathcore and Grindcore. People, before you pull your arrogant side out, please, look your fucking shit up. Its just incredible how ignorant people are. Fuck Them, and FUCK HARDCORE! Hardcore is fucking gay! Why do you listen to it saying it's awesome and extreme, because it really isnt! Jesus fucking christ

Here is a tribute to the GOOD metalcore. ENJOY GREEDY ASSHOLES

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hate on metal.. What a faggot

So as an opening, i wanted to cite some of the thoughts that have been dwelling in my grotesque mind.
I Read this faggot's post on a website, saying he hates heavy metal, because they wear facepaint and jump up and down and scream into the mic. This chode slobberer didn't even deserve my thoughts on what he said, but I will share it with a much more manly audience like yourselves. This guy is a fucking loser. How can you judge something as grand as Metal? But saying marilyn manson is heavy metal is just astonishingly depressing and mentally agonizing. It took a 2 hour therapy of Manowar music to give me strength to get up on my feet after such a demoralizing blow. Which i had to choose over finding this motherfucker and murder him and his family in a brutal fashion. Check this shit out

Rock on

Welcome Faggots

Hey ASSHOLES this is the first post, so i'll make it fucking brutal. This blog will be quite offensive and crude at times, and if you are a pussy, go to a metalcore blog. I will be posting new content every two days, and no nu metal fans are even allowed to view the content of this blog.

Rock on